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Value Equity Investing: A Differentiated View

With value equity investing roots tracing back to 1989, Ceredex Value Advisors has a strong history of identifying value across the equity markets. Our experienced investment team applies fundamental research to seek out compelling opportunities in undervalued companies with attractive upside potential. Our expertise spans the market-cap spectrum, and we manage large-, mid-, and small-cap value equity portfolios.

The firm’s name — a blend of “cerebral” and “dexterity” — captures our distinctive approach. In our view, both intellect and deft execution are required to craft portfolios that are able to deliver consistent returns through a variety of market conditions.

With approximately $6.0 billion under management as of March 31, 2024, Ceredex manages assets for institutional and individual clients through separately managed accounts and subadvisory relationships that include mutual funds, and collective investment trusts.

Ceredex is an affiliated manager of Virtus Investment Partners (NYSE: VRTS), a distinctive partnership of boutique investment managers singularly committed to the long-term success of individual and institutional investors.